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When the history of this band is written, it will recall the key moment was when Simon Densley and Mike Gibbons joined forces.

The band was put together as Simon's project for performing his standout original songs, particularly the impressive recordings from a few years earlier. It already included Paige, Marcel and a keyboard player called Mark but he was looking for a second guitarist. Mike Gibbons, a professional session guitarist was not looking for a band but was so impressed with the song History when he heard it that he made contact anyway.

A visit to Mike for what began as a jam through a few songs ended up with him and Simon earning free drinks performing together in a sucsession of local pubs. Simon slowly convinced Mike to come along to a rehearsal and then to join the band.

Mike started to make his mark straight away. He convinced everyone, and most of all Simon, to radically alter the arrangment of 'If You Can't Join Them Beat Them'. It turned what was perhaps a good album track into a likely hit. He then did the same with Chasing Rainbows. It was evident that Simon's songs with Mike's arrangments was becoming a killer combination.



Each member of the band is an acomplished musician in their own right and whilst the combined talents equals something greater again, it's worth seeing what each of these indiciduals brings to the group.


Paige Proctor - Drums

Don't let Paige's youthful innocence fool you. As twice finalist in the 'Hit like a girl' international drumming competition, she is an in demand session drummer who's worked with the likes of producers Simon Little (Kasabian, Bonobo) and Andrew Hunt (MPG Producer of the Year).

Mike Gibbons - Lead Guitar

With many years as a professional session guitaist, Mike has played with numerous well known acts both in the studio and live. His work will be familar to many from radio rock songs through to ad jingles and tv theme songs.

Mark 'Wilko' Wilkinson - Keyboards and Saxophone

A veteran of the live scene, Mark has been playing for years with many bands including Pink Floyd tribute I, Floyd and classic rock covers band Asylum Affair

Marcel Mariano - Bass

With his music degree specialising in Bass Guitar, Marcel has been integral to several bands which have seen him on a number of international tours.

Simon Densley - Guitar and Vocals

With extensive studio experience, Simon produced albums for numerous Australian artists before moving to the UK and producing an album's worth of his own material. He played in various bands on a number of instruments and continues to write material "faster than he can record it".