Under Siege

"I downloaded [History]...well worth it....loved the song on Phil n Simon the other night so decided to play it too." - Jenifer Connell - 98.9 North West FM

Under Siege was the first song recorded of the sessions done at the Smokehouse and took Paul and Troy (both Engineering) by surprise as being a "Surprisingly good song".

It was written at a time when Simon was feeling emotionally trapped and talks about what might often be a man's reaction to unreasobable emotional pressure.

This recording is a rough mix of the song, not the final releasable mix but features here as it shows the song's potential. A simple chord progression gives way to a more unusual middle eight saxaphone solo with a very satifying return to the third verse.

Under Siege

Music & Lyrics by Simon Densley


Simon Densley - Guitars and Vocals
Mario Quarta - Drums
Brad Walker - Piano and Keyboards
John 'Scaly' Scales - Bass Guitar
Andrew Raiher - Lead Guitar
Ricky Mian - Saxophone

Produced by Simon Densley
Additional Production by Paul Madden and Brad Walker
Engineered by Paul Madden and Troy Hermes
Rough mix by Simon Densley
Recorded at The Smoke House / Intimate Studios London