Slave To You

Simon Densley was described as a Musical Genius on air by 3AW's Simon Owens. Hear the full interview here...

Slave To You has been considered as a good follow up single to History. Its infectious groove makes it one of those songs you want to put on at the start of a party to get people happy, relaxed and tapping their feet.

The horns and backing vocals on this recording takes Simon almost into R&B territory, not a style he is usually associated with, but as he said: "That's what the song needed." It is the only song from the Smokehouse sessions that kept the original live rhythm guide guitar as part of the final mix. And also the only one which wasn't recorded to a click track (it just grooved better without) - meaning the tempo alters considerably during the song.

At over seven minutes and without an obvious chorus, Slave To You is a curious choice for a single. But its fantastic groove and popularity live makes it one of the few songs that breaks the rules and gets away with it. There is a radio edit which comes in at around 4 and a half minutes. There is also a longer version which features David with a great trumpet solo and Jessica with an amazing Rhodes solo that was so good that Simon and Paul just let the tape keep rolling when it was supposed to finish and so it goes for double the length of all the other ones! (This version will be made available in the future.)

Slave To You

Music & Lyrics by Simon Densley


Simon Densley - Guitars and Vocals
Rietta Austin - Vocals
Mario Quarta - Drums
Ben Eriksen - Bass Guitar
Jessica Lauren - Rhodes Electric Piano
David Mian - Trumpet
Ricky Mian - Saxophone
Martin Ditcham - Percussion
Kristen Cummings - Backing Vocals
Laura J Jones - Backing Vocals
Brad Walker - Hammond Organ
Andrew Raiher - Guitar Solo
Richard Naiff - Piano solo

Produced by Simon Densley
Additional Production by Paul Madden and Brad Walker
Engineered by Paul Madden and Troy Hermes
Mixed by Simon Densley
Recorded and Mixed at The Smoke House / Intimate Studios London
Mastered by Filip at Red Mastering

Horns arranged by David Mian
Additonal horn arrangement by Paul Madden and Simon Densley

Slave To You - Video of live acoustic performance

Simon playing "Slave To You" on acoustic guitar live at the Brave New World in Surbiton.


Slave To You

I can’t speculate on what it is to be like you.
I can only try to understand your meaning.
I wish I had seen the hopes and dreams that lived in you,
But I was never willing to share myself and open myself up to you...

If I could see myself a few years ago when I knew you,
Then I would tell myself to just relax and be myself.
But I would never listen to my peers, parents or you,
‘Cause I had the deepest fear, if you got too near, I would be a Slave to you…

To You
I would be a Slave to you

I can only say I loved you once a long time ago.
The evidence was all around for you to see and capture.
I only wanted you to see and know your self through knowing me;
A gift to you, my love for free, always remained unopened…

To You
I would be a Slave to you

(Music and lyrics by Simon Densley)