Frequently Asked Questions

Are you playing any live shows?

The short answer is yes, very soon.
I lost a couple of band members who played on the album but I've been rehearsing with a new group who are really good. I'm looking to do some live shows as soon as I can, particularly to help promote the single and anything else I'm able to release.
Keep an eye on the gigs page to see when I'm playing.

When are you releasing your next single and when can I buy the album?

I'm still in the process of promoting History. I will be looking to release another single when I can and if things go well I'll be able to release the the rest of the album soon after that.

Where did you shoot the video for History?

The beach shots were done down in Kent, the instrument shots were mostly done in the studio where it was recorded (The Smoke House / Intimate Studios in Wapping) and the night shots were done in Epping Forest. The three clocks were shot in time lapse - one is of course Big Ben, one is the clock on top of Maple Lodge in the Hamptons, Worcester Park and the white clock that flies about is my kitchen clock.

Are you planning to record another album?

I am hoping to record a bunch of new songs that I have ready to go as soon as I can but I have to focus on the getting the first album out first.

Have you tried X Factor or The Voice?

No, I felt the best way to showcase my work was to make a video that shows what I'm all about - which is what I did.

How can I help to make sure you get to release more music?

Spread the word. Contact radio stations to and ask them to play History and anything else I might have released. Anything that means more people hearing it increases the chances of people downloading it and morte people hearing about it.

Would you produce someone else's music for them? 

One of my first jobs was running a small recording studio where I engineered and produced many bands and artists. I'd be quite happy to do some of that again.

Have you thought of crowdfunding an album?

Yes it's a thought but there are other opportunities available before I take that route.

Do you do any acting?

Back in Australia I did some TV extra work (just being in the background) of Melbourne based shows like Neighbours. I'd be happy to do something a bit more serious. My Dad (Rod Densley) was an actor and my sister can often be seen in the background in 'Wentworth' so there's a bit of talent in the family for it.